2017 CRISC Certification Exam Training (English)


180-Day Subscription to Allen Keele’s online CRISC certification exam training. Presented in English. (In English)

Online ISACA CRISC Certification Exam Prep

Developed and narrated by noted ISACA exam prep author Allen Keele, this new online CRISC training will provide you with the same proven quality, methodology, and success thousands of ISACA exam candidates have benefited from since 2006. This course addresses ISACA job practice areas and exam objectives. With this web-based training, you will have 24×7 access to the most recognized and qualified ISACA exam preparation in the world.

Expert CRISC exam mentoring

Since 2006, CIS training has earned a world-wide reputation for providing everything you need to know for ISACA’s certification exams, and delivering the passing score you strive for. Updated for 2017! Now with over 590 unique training practice questions especially designed for ISACA’s exam! You will learn everything you need to know with the knowledge gained from over 360 narrated screens, and over 590 practice questions.

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How does the CRISC exam course work?

CRISC certification training

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We have fantastic web-based CRISC preparation, so why not just see it for yourself and let us teach you about it along the way? Try the free preview now to see if this training is the right solution for you.

CRISC certification exam
ISACA CRISC Certification Training Quick Facts

Updated in 2017. Updated twice yearly.
The only CRISC training that provides personal support from the globally published author of the training. Have questions? Talk to author Allen Keele now at our offices at +1 (904) 406-4311.
The only comprehensive online training good enough to be backed by an exam-pass guarantee!
Subscriptions lasting 180 days are available now!
Course Contents

This CRISC preparation has been custom designed and published by the world's leading ISACA examination certification preparation expert and author, Allen Keele. It is streamlined to focus ONLY on the exam-related information you need, so every minute you have to invest in preparation will be used efficiently. Its special structure and presentation have been proven to take the guesswork out of your preparation. There is simply no faster way to prepare for your examination. Four modules of content thoroughly covering all 2017 exam objectives in all four exam domains, plus a bonus course module covering topics on the real exam that are not in any of ISACA's stated exam objectives! Five comprehensive final assessment exams are also included.

(Bonus) CRISC Foundation (Includes 11 practice exams)
CRISC Domain 1 Risk Identification (Includes 5 practice exams)
CRISC Domain 2 IT Risk Assessment (Includes 7 practice exams)
CRISC Domain 3 Risk Response and Mitigation (Includes 12 practice exams)
CRISC Domain 4 Risk and Control Monitoring and Reporting (Includes 2 practice exams)
Comprehensive Practice Exams
Final Comprehensive Exam 1 – 100 high-priority exam prep questions randomly selected from half of the total pool of domain lesson questions
Final Comprehensive Exam 2 – 100 high-priority exam prep questions randomly selected from the remaining half of the total pool of domain lesson questions
Bonus Comprehensive Exam 1 – 100+ Practical application CRISC prep questions
Bonus Comprehensive Exam 2 – 100+ Practical application CRISC prep questions
Bonus comprehensive Exam 3 – 100+ Practical application CRISC prep questions

24 cpe Upon successful course completion, a dated certificate for 24 hours of CPE credit is issued to your name. The certificate can be viewed, downloaded, and then printed from your online gradebook.


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